From the Earth to Mars


The First Rocket - From the Earth to Mars

Why I Wrote From the Earth to Mars

  It’s been a hundred years since a handful of visionaries turned the dream of spaceflight from science fiction into reality. But already, those first steps are lost in the haze of time—and also obscured by decades of half-truths and false assumptions. How did we take the first steps? Did

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From the Earth to Mars

The Surprising History Of The Rocket Pioneers Who Launched Humanity Into Space…

Episode 2 – The Russian Space Craze

We started our history of space travel in Germany because there is a direct line between the early German space community and The First Rocket…


The origins of space travel have always been a mystery for me. Despite being involved in the community long enough to question America’s single-point dependency…


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Pioneering books and popcorn viewing. There is a core collection of the early works on rocket travel from the 1920s that can be read in English. These include…